2018 Vestry

At the February 25 Annual Meeting, we will elect a Senior and Junior Warden, four members to Vestry, and four delegates to serve at next year’s Diocesan Convention as well as two alternate Convention delegates. The Vestry Nominees are listed below with a brief bio and a photo. Canonically, we are required to nominate at least five members to run for four Vestry positions. As of the time of this announcement, other members put forward had declined to run. If we have no further nominations prior to the meeting,  and no one is nominated from the floor, we will elect the existing slate by acclamation.

Caprino, Nick.jpg

Nick Caprino

Nick is a public defender in Kenton County, Kentucky which has allowed him to connect with marginalized individuals who have committed acts that can be difficult to forgive. As St. Timothy's identity includes reaching out and accepting those who feel excluded and oppressed, Nick believes that his background will further St. Timothy's identity in this regard. He is also a board member of the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center (IJPC), which gives Nick an understanding of the workings of governing bodies of non-profit religious organizations. Nick enjoys movies, cooking, college football, snow-skiing, and running. He is a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati and a member of our home-cooked meal delivery team.

Nick and his wife, Laura were Received into the Church by the Bishop in June of 2017. They have a 2-year old son, Sam.


LYNNe Dalgewicz

Dalgewicz, Lynne.jpg

Lynne is a retired flight attendant who enjoys walking outdoors and keeping in touch with her family. She has served as a Sunday School teacher, Stephen Minister, and with the Country Store crafters. Lynn is also a Make-a-Wish volunteer. She hopes to bring a listening ear and a voice to speak for others to her tenure on the vestry. 

Lynne and her husband Rich have two grown children, Stephen (33) and Megan (31).


Erin Harper-Ray

Harper-Ray, Erin.PNG

Erin is a Senior Director of Operations at Macmillan Learning and thinks of herself as a fair, objective, and compassionate person. She is committed to the St. Timothy's community and the good work we do, volunteering at our Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) as well as serving on the St. Timothy's Communications Committee. Erin will bring energy and enthusiasm to the vestry. She enjoys reading, cooking, spending time with her family, as well as hiking, biking, or anything outside. A fun tidbit that most people don't know about her: John Travolta once attended her family reunion (the ONE year she didn't go!). 

Erin is married to Steven Harper-Ray and they have three children, Jonah, 22 months; Ethan, 14; and Marisa, 17.

Holcer, Jane.JPG

Jane holcer

Jane, a retired Registered Nurse and business owner, is fairly new to St. Timothy's. She participated in an Invitation to Inquiry class, has volunteered at our IHN hostings, and enjoys the Rector's Tuesday morning Scripture Study class. Jane was previously an active member of the Pleasant Plain Presbyterian Ladies Aid group and local food pantry project. She hopes to provide "fresh eyes" on visions for the parish. Jane has served on many steering and planning committees, motivational programs, and the development of assessment tools in her years of nursing. She has experience in financial planning, personnel issues, and facilities management as a small business owner. Jane loves gardening, both vegetable and flower. She is always looking for a new renovation project in either her own home or one of her children's. Jane also enjoys sewing and baking. Her favorite book is "A Child's Garden of Verses" because it was her mother's favorite book to read to her at bedtime. She still has the original book.

For 21 years, Jane owned and operated a Canadian resort/lodge business in Ontario. With her staff of 18, they provided memorable family vacation experiences. She says it was an amazing experience for herself and her four children.

Lohre, Louise.JPG

louise lohre

Louise serves as a Lay Eucharistic Minister and Greeter on Sunday mornings. She has volunteered with our IHN hostings and is a member of the Annual Giving Appeal Committee. Most recently, Louise served as a Kitchen Deacon for our first Dinner Church! She loves working with people, whether one on one or in a group setting. This was proven in her long career (35 years) as a Designer. Being in the design and retail sector of the building industry, Louise helped clients, builders, and suppliers make final decisions regarding style, budget and overall design. This has given her the ability to listen to all ideas and then evaluate the best way to work towards a solution. Louise spends much of her free time gardening, playing bridge, cooking, reading, and sewing. Music is a part of her everyday life. Lately, Louise has been listening to The Cranberries and any song sung by Frank Sinatra.

Louise has two adult daughters, Nikki and Dawn, and four grandsons, Jackson, 13; Carson, 10; and twins Austin and Ethan, 13.