God's Mission to a Lonely World

I received a wonderful Youtube video yesterday that pretty much sums up God’s mission in the world. The video begins with a woman coming home from work and everyone she sees, including her roommate, is on some sort of digital device. She knows there is something profoundly wrong about this sort of lonely, disconnected world.  So she sets up a table in the hallway of her apartment building and launches a communal meal.  Eventually everyone in the apartment building has joined her for dinner. This woman does what Jesus did: she gathers people together from all walks of life to share their lives with each other.

As God said in the beginning, “It is not good that human beings should be alone (Gen. 2.18).” Therefore, what God has been trying to do from “the beginning” is bring people into communion with each other.  This is the Church’s mission.

Is this your mission? Are you aware of people who are longing to be more connected with others? All you need to do is invite them to break bread together. If it is too much to invite them to your house or apartment, how about inviting them to the next game night or potluck at the church? Or why not team up with someone so that you share the experience? And for heaven’s sake, don’t worry about providing a feast or cleaning the entire house! Make it simple. Make it human.

This missionary work doesn’t require a sermon, a prayer, or vast theological knowledge.  All you need is a little food, drink, table and chairs.

Loneliness is rampant in our society. The Church is one of God’s answer to loneliness. What people are longing for is to be with other human beings who will accept them as they are. In the coming days, how can you be part of this mission?

Enjoy the video!



Roger GreeneComment