The Morning After the Morning After

I wrote yesterday's blog in the morning as I tried to process my own feelings about this moment in our country.  After I wrote that blog, I had a steady stream of emails and unscheduled visits from parishioners and others troubled by the results of the election. As I listened to these people, it struck me that yesterday's blog might not have adequately expressed my awareness of how troubling the results are for many in this congregation and elsewhere.  If the results of the election are troubling for you, I encourage you to share your lament with God.  When life deals us hard blows, there is no moving on until we express our pain to others and to God.  Paraphrasing the psalmist , joy won't come in the morning until we spend the night weeping--or maybe several nights (cf. Ps. 30.5).  If we try to move on too quickly, we risk having our unprocessed anger and grief eat us alive. We also risk having that anger come out in destructive ways.

Wherever you are today, bring those feelings to God and God will eventually give you what you need to move forward.

Roger Greene1 Comment