What I Find Hard to Bring to God?

When life is full of trials and tribulations, I find it hard to bring all my feelings to God. I realize how quickly I edit my feelings. I don’t find it hard to ask God for help during these times. But if the truth be known, during such difficult times the real issue is not just the need for help, but that I am very frustrated and angry with God and I don’t easily go there.

Do You Struggle with Weakness and Failure?

When it comes to acknowledging weakness and failure, the most important thing we forget is this: It is precisely our weaknesses and failures that make us realize how much we need God and other people. In fact, the Christian journey begins when we acknowledge that we can’t go it alone and need help. We don’t receive the waters of baptism as a reward for our strength and virtuous behavior, but as a gift for acknowledging our need for God’s love and mercy.

Unanswered Prayer II

The psalms of course are the primary school for prayer in the Bible. Many psalms of lament struggle with God's delay in answering prayer, but the usual pattern is that eventually God responds to the cry for help. In Ps. 31 the person in distress felt forsaken, but God eventually heard his cry. "I had said in my alarm, “I am driven far from your sight.” But you heard my supplications when I cried out to you for help (v.22).” This is the typical pattern in every case except for one, Ps. 88.

Governed by Love Rather than Fear

So what would it be like to live today governed by love rather than fear. What would it look like today to live trusting that God will provide and therefore we don’t need to be anxious about having enough? What would it be like today to live knowing that we matter whether we succeed or not? What would it be like today to realize that what ultimately governs all reality, and therefore will have its way in the end, is love beyond all imagining?