Good Friday Politics

Good Friday is a day to take stock of where we want to give our allegiance and how we should frame our thinking about our political commitments. Our political conversations with one another shouldn’t be primarily defined by the current Red vs. Blue political divide. Rather, our conversations should be defined by what does it mean for us to be faithful to the way of the cross

To Be Loved Absolutely

On Maundy Thursday it is good to abandon the pretence that there is no vestige left in us of resistance to being served and loved. I am a Christian. I have accepted the love of God on the Cross…and yet there is a reluctance which has not altogether died down in me yet. Part of me wants to deserve love, or only get the love I deserve--Martin Smith

Letting Go of Our Illusions about the Church

During Holy Week we discover that the church has always been far from ideal; it is no different than that original bunch of disciples.  The church is always made up of members who like Judas betray Jesus, like Peter deny him, and like all the rest of the disciples abandon him.  And yet, it is precisely these sorts of folks that God has called to be the church, held together by God’s grace and forgiveness, not by their stellar performance.

Extravagant Love

If following Jesus degenerates into merely an ethical imperative, it won’t have any legs; it is just too difficult. We follow him, not because it is a good idea, but because we love him. This is what Mary shows us. Mary has come to understand the magnitude of the gift in front of her. Therefore, lavishing perfume on him that costs 300 denarii—a year’s salary for the average laborer—isn’t wasteful; it makes all the sense in the world.