Silencing Other Voices

The church should be a safe place for all voices, especially those that have been traditionally silenced, not just because it is the respectful and loving thing to do, but because we need each voice. We want to hear every voice, not just because everyone has a right to be heard, but because every voice potentially opens our ears to the ways we are deaf to the needs of others and to a deeper commitment to God’s mission. The mission of the Church is diminished when we remain silent and when we do anything to silence others.

Is God's Love too Big for You?

Jonah’s God was turning out to be what Jonah had feared: A God whose love extends even to the Assyrian sinners. This is what Jonah’s final prayer reveals (4:2). Jonah’s real fear wasn’t that the Ninevites would reject him. No. The reason he had fled to Tarshish was that he had a hunch that God’s love was bigger than he wanted it to be. If God loves the Assyrians too, then Jonah wants out.