All are welcome to the free programs listed below.
To register or for information, contact Patricia Mahaffey (PatriciaM@SaintTimothys.com, 474-4445).

Raising Kids in the Faith, Sundays, 10:15 ‐ 11:00, Room 6/7
Raising kids to be disciples is too challenging for parents to do on their own; it requires the support of the broader church community. This weekly group addresses different challenges that arise as we raise kids of all ages in the Christian faith and life. Each meeng twill include a brief presentation about a parenting issue, discussion of the issue presented, and will close with prayer for our children. The group will be facilitated by Carrie Brown, Roger Greene, and Jim Pashturro. For more information, contact Roger Greene (RogerG@SaintTimothys.com, 474‐4445).

Silence & Noonday Prayer, 12-12:15 pm, Monday - Friday
The office will be closed daily from 12‐12:15 for a time of silence and prayer in the church. In the neighborhood? Stop by and join the staff for some rejuvenating midday stillness. Not in the neighborhood? Feel free to find a quiet spot and join in from where you are.

The Long Letting Go: Prayer and the Empty Nest, 1st Wednesdays,  7‐8:30 pm, Parlor
God is longing for us to bring every chapter of our life into the presence of God. Letting go of our
children as they move out of the “nest” is a major transition for parents. Parents are entering a
“strange land” full of new challenges and opportunities. Participants will reflect on this transition and explore ways to bring this new phase of the journey to God’s abiding presence. Limited to 12 people, facilitated by Roger Greene. (RogerG@SaintTimothys.com, 474‐4445).

Fit to Be a Temple, 4th Saturdays, 8‐9:15 am, various locations
The body is truly a temple of God’s presence. When we care for our body, we are helping create a healthy space through which Christ’s love can be poured out. This gathering will include a few minutes of prayer and reflection in combination with various fitness activities. Along with the fun and fellowship, there will be a focus on becoming more aware of and engaged with God’s presence in our bodies. The group is open to all ages and levels of fitness, although some activities may be easier, some more challenging.  This group is led by Alex Martin, Patricia Mahaffey, and Kim Baumgartner.

How Do I Pray? Sundays 10:15‐11 am, Room 8
Many people feel they do not know how to pray, or are “not good at prayer.” Many would like to deepen or strengthen their prayer practice or expand their repertoire of types of prayer practices. This group will provide a great opportunity to explore and practice various types of prayer including simple awareness, dialogue with God, Centering Prayer, forms of meditation, the Jesus prayer, the Anglican rosary, lectio divina, Ignatian prayer, and others. The group is facilitated by Ellen Cook.

Seven at Seven; Sunday, December 7– Sunday, December 14
Our lives are filled with constant stimulation, demands, and noise. We become anxious from our deprivation of stillness and silence.Beginning Sunday, Dec. 7, and continuing for 7 days, you are invited to commit to pause for 7 minutes of silence at 7 am and/or 7 pm, wherever you are. This offering will include an online component which will provide inspiration, tips for entering silence, and space to comment on your experiences or ask questions. An opening gathering will be held on Sunday, Dec. 7 from 10‐11 am.