What is the role of St. Timothy's Planned Giving Committee?

A group of parishioners who strongly believe St. Timothy’s should be endowed with financial resources to continue and expand its mission laid the legal groundwork for a Planned Giving Committee, an arm of the Parish’s Development Committee.

At a Vestry meeting, the enabling documents were approved to form the Planned Giving Committee. Up to six committee members are appointed to serve three year terms with two members rolling off each calendar year in which new members are elected, or previous members can be re-elected. The Rector Roger Greene, along with other members of the staff may serve as an ex officio member of the Planned Giving Committee. At the Annual Meeting, the Parish votes to ratify these appointments.

The focus of the Planned Giving Committee is to safeguard and grow the Endowment Fund that already exists, provide more in-depth information to the Parish about planned giving in general to raise awareness, and to provide specifics on how individuals can invest in St. Timothy’s future through gifts to its Endowment Fund and encourage parishioners to consider supporting the fund either through a special gift or by remembering St. Timothy’s in their estate plans.

The Planned Giving Committee is charged with preserving the principal of the fund and maximizing the income earned. Once the Fund’s balance reaches a sufficient level to distribute income from the investments, the Planned Giving Committee will accept funding proposals from the Vestry and distribute funds in the following areas: 

  • Youth ministries
  • Outreach ministries
  • Music program
  • Maintenance of the physical plant of the Parish
  • Other purposes as designated by donors, including providing seed money for new ministries and special one-time projects

If you have questions about the Planned Giving Committee, about its purpose or plans, please don’t hesitate to call one of the members. They are looking forward to assisting in advancing the mission of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church.

who are the members of the planned GIVING COMMITTEE?

Roger Greene (RogerG@SaintTimothys.com)
Dan Bird (DanBird75@yahoo.com)
Jerry Eichert (JHEichert@fuse.net)
Doug Ridgway (GolfingDWR@aol.com)
Jane Whipple (MJWhipple@aol.com)


What is the Endowment Fund?

St. Timothy’s Endowment Fund was set up in 1978.  That previous parishioners had the foresight to establish the Fund is witness to our parish’s faith in the church’s mission and future vision.  The Fund embodies the hope and confidence that St. Timothy’s will continue for future generations.

Five funds make up St. Timothy’s Endowment Fund:

• the Youth Ministries Fund
• the Outreach Ministries Fund
• the Music Program Fund

• the Building Fund, for maintenance and improvements to the physical plant; and
• the General Fund, for the Church’s general use, if no other designation is specified

Click here for the latest Endowment Fund Financial Report.