Children & Youth—Other Information

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Safety Issues

Please do not leave your children in their classrooms before the teacher is present. Additionally, only children in grades 4 and higher will be released from the classrooms after the Children & Youth Programs. Children in Pre-School thru 3rd grade will only be released to parent, guardian, or sibling or other adults indicated on the registration form. Take advantage of this opportunity to chat with your child’s teacher.

Health & Wellness Programs
St. Timothy’s Health & Wellness Committee provides a number of beneficial services for our children on Sunday mornings. First Aid kits are readily available in several locations for the use of teachers. Teachers receive instruction on choking prevention and are encouraged to take CPR classes. An evacuation plan isin place in case of fire and fire drills are held periodically.

Child Abuse Prevention / The Safe Church
With rising incidents of child abuse in our society today, it is important that we as a Church do all in our power to make St. Timothy’s a “safe place” for our children. The national Episcopal Church requires that all clergy, paid staff and youth leaders attend a 6 - 8 hour workshop on issues of child sexual abuse in church settings. St. Timothy’s has gone beyond this policy to require that all Children & Youth teachers also be trained in the awareness and prevention of child abuse. Watch the website and weekly bulletins for the next training date. We also require that a new member of the parish does not teach in the Children & Youth Programs until they have been a part of our community for at least six months.

Discipline Policy

Rules We Obey to Show Our Love for God and God's people:

1. Respect each other

2. Raise your hand if you want to talk

3. Respect Church property

Positive Consequences:

Learn about God

Know you’ve done a good job

Make learning fun for everyone

Negative Consequences:

Step 1: Teacher reminder

Step 2: Teacher to child discussion

Step 3: Contact parents

Step 4: Parent sits in on class