Click on the logo above to access your Church Life account.

Click on the logo above to access your Church Life account.

Online Pledging and Giving

This year, for your convenience, parishioners at St. Timothy’s will be able to both pledge and set-up their giving online. As we continue to look for ways to make contributing both easier for you and more efficient for St. Timothy’s, please consider using Church Life to pledge and contribute this year. To access your Church Life account, click on the Church Life icon to the left or click here. If you have not used this tool before, follow the instructions under Need a login? Click here.

It's easy! just follow these simple instructions

Setting up your 2017 pledge is even easier this year through Church Life. Once logged into your account, the secure online system allows you to set your amount, frequency, date range, and total pledge amount.

Once logged in, please follow these simple instructions to add a pledge and set up
a recurring online gift:
1.       Point to Giving, then click My Giving History.
2.       Click the My Pledge History tab.
3.       Click Add Pledge.
4.       Enter the pledge's amount.
5.       In the drop-down lists, select the pledge's fund and frequency.
6.       In the drop-down lists, select the pledge's date range. After you enter the pledge, the total pledge amount displays.
7.       Click Save and Setup Online Gift. The My Scheduled Giving tab displays.
8.       Under New Gift Details, verify your gift details. You can adjust the payment schedule or add an optional memo. These changes only affect your scheduled gift, and no adjustments are made to the original pledge. You may also add additional non-pledge gifts.
9.       Under Payment Details, select the payment method you want to use for the recurring gift. You can also add a new payment method here.
10.   Click Schedule Gift.

When finished, a confirmation that displays the recurring gift's amount, frequency, account, first payment, and last payment displays. In addition, you will receive a receipt via email. If you have questions, please contact Nancy Schwartz, Parish Administrator.