We are strengthened by the foundation of faith

Through Bible Story Telling, exploring the texts and characters in the scriptures, the children learn how to dwell in the word of God. They grow in relationship with one another as they learn songs of the faith and together explore church traditions. This all helps to build a strong foundation of faith, the container of God’s grace, love, and mercy. Through these experiences the children hear again and again: God loves you, no exceptions!


Adult Guides:
Rev. Lisa Bernheisel, Ben Loomis, and Jessi Loomis

Sundays 10:15-11 a.m.

September 2019
Focus: Christians Care about Others
Service Activity: El Hogar’s 40th Anniversary

October 2019
Focus: The Acts of the Apostles
Service Activity: IHN Host Activities

November 2019
Focus: The World God Called Good
Service Activity: Caring for the Environment

December 2019: Christmas Program
Focus: Celebrating Jesus’ Birth: God With Us
Service Activity: Making Advent Wreaths at a Retirement Community