2018 Annual Giving Appeal


Hear What the Spirit is Saying to God's People.

The mission of St. Timothy's is to do as Jesus commands: deepen every human being's relationship with God and love our neighbors - no exceptions.

This is St. Timothy's new mission statement, approved by the vestry in May. This work is unique to the Church. There are thousands of secular organizations doing good work for the betterment of society, but the Church has something to offer that they do not. When we offer shelter to people who are experiencing homelessness, for instance, we offer far more than just a place to sleep. Our Interfaith Hospitality Network volunteers offer nothing short of a vision of God. St. Paul taught that we are the hands and feet of Christ in the world (I Corinthians 12:27). So, when we reach out and love our neighbor—no exceptions—we continue the work of Jesus and declare that the reign of God has indeed come near. Many organizations provide food and shelter, but it is only through the Church—only in God—that any human being finds the abiding peace which passes all understanding. 

The vast majority of new visitors to St. Timothy’s come because our message resonates with their broken lives and the belief that our broken world needs more unconditional love.

Our mission is also unique among most churches. Christians almost universally agree that we are called to love our neighbors, but the truth is that there are often exceptions. This is why the message on our Beechmont Avenue sign has struck a chord with so many in our neighborhood. The vast majority of new visitors to St. Timothy’s come because our message resonates with their lives and the belief that our broken world needs more unconditional love. The bottom line is that if we do not do this work, no one will.

The entire Diocese of Southern Ohio is studying the Book of Exodus with intentionality as the lectionary leads us through the story of God’s redeeming work. In many ways, the Exodus story mirrors our lives as we work to be the Body of Christ in today’s world:

LISTEN:  The enslaved Hebrews cried out to God, who heard their cries (Exodus 2:23-24). Many people in our own society are enslaved by systems of injustice and oppression, whether they’re in Honduras, Appalachia, down the street, or in the pew next to us. We, too, are called to hear their cries.

LOVE:  God took pity on the Hebrews, for God remembered the covenant made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Exodus 2:24-25). We, too, are called to empathize with the oppressed and to love them—no exceptions.

GIVE:  Finally, God acted and led the children of Israel out of slavery into the land of promise. God gave the Hebrews their freedom. We, too, are called to action. We are called to give our neighbors release from the bonds of injustice and the yoke of oppression.

There are many ways to Listen, Love, and Give. Financial giving is a necessity for our common life and the mission of St. Timothy’s is entirely supported by the generous financial gifts that we give back to God in gratitude for the ways that we have been loved—no exceptions. Scripture teaches us to give back at least 10% of our income. Only you, however, can decide what amount is appropriate for you. Whatever you give, know that your gift is empowering the Church to continue God’s redeeming work in the world.

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Thank you for all the ways you listen, love and give.
Faithfully yours,
Alex Martin
Associate Priest