Gifts in the Form of Securities (Bonds, Mutual Funds, Stocks)

If you wish to make a special gift to St. Timothy's or to pay your pledge by transfer of shares of a security in your portfolio, held in street name in your brokerage account, please follow these procedures:

Request your broker to deliver shares of the designated security to DTC (Depository Trust Co.) Participant #0164 (Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.) for the account of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, Number 5031-1920. In addition, contact Bookkeeper Joyce Dees (513-834-5688) to let her know what security is being transferred so that she can identify the contribution when received in the church's account. 

If you contribute securities registered in your name, rather that that held for you by a broker, take the certificate(s) to a bank, and, in the presence of a bank representative, either sign the assignment form on the back of the certificate(s), or sign a separate assignment form. Be sure the bank representative then attests the authenticity of your signature(s). It's preferable to sign the separate assignment form to preclude an unauthorized transfer of your shares. Deliver the shares, with assignment form(s) if applicable, directly to Joyce Dees.