Below are two simple ways to help raise funds for Youth Mission Trips.  

           1.  Recycle, Get rid of junk, Generate funds!  
Bring metal scrap, used electronics, and appliances to Cohen Cincinnati at 4538 Kellogg Avenue. Simply drop them off at the drive through, get a ticket and take it inside. Let them know it's for St. Timothy's. The mission trip fund will receive a check each month. For a complete list of what materials are accepted and not accepted, click here

            2.  Participate in Kroger Community Rewards. 

$30,000! That’s what St. Timothy’s members raised in 4 years buying groceries! 
It’s easy, it costs you nothing, and every penny earned sponsors Youth Mission trips

Follow the directions below to sign up. 

To register by computer:

1. Have your Kroger Plus card handy. (If you don’t have one they are free at any Kroger
store. Just ask the cashier the next time you shop. Register your card at and
then follow the directions below to sign up for the Community Rewards program.)
2. Log onto the Kroger Community Rewards web site at
3. Under “Community Rewards” select “Click here to sign in”.
4. Sign in to your account.
5. Under “Find Your Organization” enter the number “80757” and click the search button.
When St. Timothy’s comes up, click the circle next to our name and then click on the
“Save” button to complete your re-enrollment (or your new enrollment).

To register without a computer:

If you do not have a computer or do not want an online Kroger account, please complete a
form (found in the Gathering Space) and return it to Kroger.

If you need additional help, please contact Kroger (866-221-4141; select Menu option "5".

That’s it!  Now, every time you shop at Kroger stores using your Kroger Plus card you earn money to help support our Youth Mission trips.  And, you still receive all of the personal benefits of your Plus Card, i.e., fuel points, discounts, etc.  Purchase of most merchandise, gifts cards, and all out-of-pocket prescription costs qualify.  Purchases made at Fred Meyer Jewelers or any other Kroger family of stores will also qualify.  Fuel purchases are not counted toward the money earned in the program.

 Now, let’s go Kroger-ing!  And THANKS for your support!

 Here’s a message about the program from one of St. Tim’s members:
I am a new member of the Kroger Community Rewards program.  When I heard about the program, I checked it out to see if would be taking money or points out of my pocket.  They said that it wouldn't.  I would still be getting my full dollars back (for using my charge card), and my full gas points.  I was a bit reluctant, as it sounded too good to be true.  I signed up.  It is great!  I lose nothing and St. Tim’s gains.  I'm delighted to hear that St. Tim’s is already getting nearly $600/month.  Feel free to assure members of St. Tim’s that signing up for this is easy and will take away NOTHING from them.