To better facilitate spiritual development and relationship building among families, the Family Ministry Committee is launching a new initiative called DASH (Dinner at Someone’s House). These dinners will be hosted by one of our St. Timothy’s families and all other families are invited. The host will provide a main dish and guests will bring a dish to share. For more information, contact Family Ministry Committee Chair, Laura Caprino or one of the host families below.


Here is the schedule for Fall of 2018:

August 26, 5-7 pm: Ashley and Geoff Hart's Home, 2324 Gibbs Road, Goshen 45122
Sept 23, 5-7 pm: Laura and Nick Caprino's Home, 1866 Muskegon Drive, Cincinnati 45255
Oct 28, 5-7 pm: Christina and Danny Hall’s Home, 1067 Sutton Road, Cincinnati 45230
Nov 18, 5-7 pm: Mackenzie and Mike Thompson’s Home, 7968 Blackthorn Road, Cincinnati 45255