Raising our Children and Youth in the Faith

Many times, programs are developed and camps are run without input from those who will attend these activities.  Parks are created and organizations plan events without ever asking, ‘Will this be helpful? Is this what you need? What would you dream, hope, and imagine?’

As we at St. Timothy's look at how we want to raise our children and youth in the Christian faith and life, we are eager to hear from you first. During the month of July, we invested time and space to listen to families with children. We asked, "what are you experiencing as you raise your children in the Christian faith and life?" "What are your hopes?"  "What feedback do you have?" "What insights might you share?" We plan to use the insights you shared to shape the future of Children and Youth ministry at St. Timothy’s. 

These listening sessions revealed a number of key themes, including:

  • Broad agreement that there is tremendous importance and value in providing love, support, community, and programming to raise our children and youth in the Christian faith and life, in spite of the challenges and time pressures we face
  • A sense that what we’re called to do now may be different from what we’ve done in the past
  • A sense that we may have lost some momentum in the past years and decades, but remain excited about the opportunities ahead of us
  • Collectively, we have a wide variety of ideas for activities, opportunities, and programs for our children and youth
  • Many parents and other adults share a willingness to take on leadership and support roles in children and youth programs, as long as the work is shared and no individual is overburdened
  • We often find that pre-planning, published calendars, and clear expectations make participation easier

We are committed to investing in ideas and programs that hold both broad interest and that we, collectively, are able to implement and sustain. Please plan to visit The Forum on Sunday, October 22 at 10:15 am in the Parish Hall to further discuss the information we've gathered.