Raising our Children and Youth in the Faith

Many times, programs are developed and camps are run without input from those who will attend these activities.  Parks are created and organizations plan events without ever asking, ‘Will this be helpful? Is this what you need? What would you dream, hope, and imagine?’

As we at St. Timothy's look at how we want to raise our children and youth in the Christian faith and life, we are eager to hear from you first. During the month of July, we are investing time and space to listen to families with children. What are you experiencing as you raise your children in the Christian faith and life? Before we plan any Youth DIGG nights or a Church School lessons, we want to hear from you. What are your hopes? What feedback do you have? What insights might you share? We plan to use the insights you share to shape the future of Children and Youth ministry at St. Timothy’s. 

Please note the dates below and plan to come to a listening session. It might be helpful to mark the date on your family calendar. Listening sessions will take on several different forms. We will gather together at St. Timothy’s on a few Sundays between worship service, we will gather during the week at sites outside of the church, and we will even provide an opportunity for a conference call. All in an effort to include as many of you as possible in the sessions.

Listening Sessions Schedule.png

Should you have any questions, contact Mackenzie Thompson.

The Children and Youth Steering Committee looks forward to seeing you at one of the sessions above and appreciates your family’s presence in our congregation and participation.

For those of you who do not have children or youth in your household remember that when we baptize a child we all pledge to support that child in their life in Christ. So, we ask each of you to pray for this steering committee and all who participate in this time of listening, of hearing what the Spirit is saying to God’s people.