St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church is pleased to offer its facilities to non-profit organizations. Twelve-Step groups and local organizations are all welcome. All groups wishing to use the facilities at St. Timothy’s must complete a Request for Use of Church Facilities. Those groups using facilities on a scheduled basis need to complete a request only once a year. All Requests for Use of Church Facilities forms are on file in the Parish Office, or can be printed by clicking here.

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church will serve activities in priority order. A lower priority activity is always subject to being moved to another location within the church or being “bumped” altogether by a higher priority activity. Groups will be given as much advance notice as possible of changes. For special events scheduled well in advance, it is unlikely that the event will be “bumped.” If a group cancels a reservation, the contact person should call the church office as soon as possible so that the room can be rescheduled. If the group’s organization is publishing a program or is advertising for its event, it shall include the following words, “Our thanks to St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church for the use of its facilities for this event. By permitting the use of St. Timothy’s facilities, it does not imply that St. Timothy’s Church endorses the policies and actions of this organization.”

Building Use Priorities

1. St. Timothy’s Church programs and mission.
2. Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, and other church meetings.
3. 12-Step and related programs.
4. Other non-profit community organizations providing a service to others.
5. Concerts, non-church related.


Reserving Space at St. Timothy's

Facilities use must be scheduled through Peg Fortuna, Parish Administrator. Please do not assume that space will be available unless such arrangements are made. The spaces that are normally available are Room 6, Room 8, Room 11, and the Parish Hall.

When calculating beginning and end times for scheduling meetings, please include sufficient time for all set up and clean up, in order to avoid conflicts with other groups using the facilities.

All groups must be finished, cleaned up, and out of the building no later than 10:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, and by 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

St. Timothy’s reserves the right to rescind any group’s use of the building.

The Request for Use of Church Facilities document must be updated annually.

We request that groups update their contact information, if it changes during the year.

Set Up and Break Down

All groups are responsible for their own set up, break down, and clean up. Groups are welcome to set up tables and chairs for their meetings. All groups are expected to leave the facility in a neat and orderly manner. Any chairs and tables set up should be returned to the assigned storage. If any tables or chairs are moved from one room to another, they must be returned to their original room.

Office Supplies and Services

We are not able to provide office supplies (easel pads, paper, pencils, etc.) and services, including copy work, etc., for outside organizations.
No equipment or supplies may be removed from the offices of St. Timothy’s. The staff of St. Timothy’s cannot relay messages except in the case of emergency.

Meeting Supplies

It is expected that groups will bring all of their own supplies for their meetings. There will be a very limited storage space provided on a first come first serve basis. No storage will be available in the Parish Hall nor in the Kitchen.

Food, Beverages, and Refreshments

Groups that wish to have a meal will need to arrange their own catering. Groups are expected to bring all of their own supplies (i.e., coffee, milk, tea, cups, sugar, etc.).


Non-parish related groups may NOT serve alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages may be served only in conformity with Episcopal Church Policy and only by parish groups.

Kitchen Usage

The kitchen is not available for general use. Arrangements for use of the kitchen facilities must be made in advance. Groups are responsible for cleaning the kitchen. St. Timothy’s reserves the right to assess a cleaning fee. Nothing is to be removed from the kitchen.  St. Timothy’s does not allow its linens to be used.

Donations and Fees

Donations are gratefully accepted for use of St. Timothy’s facilities, additional fees may be requested for larger groups, staff support, overtime or kitchen use.