The Good News is that God loves us-
and all human beings-no exceptions.

This is the best news we will ever know, the news we want to share with the world, and the most challenging news to believe about ourselves. Deep down inside most of us doubt whether we are loveable. God may love everybody else—no exceptions, but certainly that doesn’t apply to me. If you only knew me, you would know why. This Good News is what Jesus proclaimed when he embraced those who were excluded—lepers, gentiles, tax collectors, and sinners. This is what Paul proclaimed when he wrote that being baptized into Christ means “There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer male or female, there is no longer slave or free” (Gal. 3.28). The church is called to be a microcosm of what God intends for the world—a community where all are included and cherished—no exceptions.


Experiencing God’s all-embracing love is the game-changer—the love story—that transforms our lives and inspires the mission of St. Timothy’s. When we discover that we are loved—no exceptions, we are then inspired to share this Good News with others, stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable, and work for a more just society that cares for all people. No one can be left out. No one.

Therefore, we welcome into our newly refurbished building on a daily basis support groups that need a place to meet. We provide hospitality for temporarily homeless families at the Comboni Mission through the Interfaith Hospitality Network. We walk with the kids at Mercer Elementary who are struggling to read. We share love and food with those trying to make ends meet at the Inter Parish Ministry food pantry, shelterhouse, and the Walnut Hills Soup Kitchen. We support and visit the boys and girls of El Hogar in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and spend a week in Appalachia building relationships with strangers and doing home repair. In all we do - 24/7 - we are working to help God make this world the kingdom of God—a place where all have what they need to live an abundant life—no exceptions.

Our mission is authorized and sustained by the boundless love of God made flesh in Jesus. The purpose of all our worship services, all our music, all our programs and small groups, all our pastoral care, and all our gatherings is to open our hearts to the risen Lord who sends us out each Sunday to help God build a world that cares for everyone.


Our collective mission is supported by the financial gifts we give back to God in gratitude for God’s astonishing love. How much should we give? No amount could ever repay God for what we have received.  The teaching of the Episcopal Church is the biblical tithe, at least 10% of our income given back to God through the church and other organizations doing God’s work in the world.  Only you can decide. Although our renewed building and reduction in staff have reduced our overall operating expenses by $80,000, the long-term financial health of our ministry will require each member to give sacrificially. Ask God what you should do to give back generously. Whatever you are able to give, give in gratitude for what you have received.

Thank you for all you do to love others—no exceptions!
In Christ,
Roger Greene