St. Timothy’s is a community of people who believe that God loves everyone—no exceptions.
We acknowledge that we are flawed, yet we have faith that we are perfectly lovable.

We come together as we are, and we are diverse. We are young and old. We are liberal and conservative. We are Protestant and Catholic. We are straight and gay. Some of us believe every word of the creeds and some aren’t so sure.  We are a “big tent.” We believe that what binds us together is not agreement on all the issues of the day, but the command “to love one another.”

On Sundays, we celebrate God’s boundless love for us. We celebrate that God has made strangers friends and feeds us at the Lord’s Table. Empowered by that love, our mission is to participate in God’s mission to help God make our neighborhood, and all neighborhoods, a place where everyone can thrive and live abundantly. In thoughts, words, and actions, we live out our mission by loving God, each other, ourselves, and our neighbors near and far. Our mission takes many forms: 

  • Our mission is to provide food with dignity to our neighbors through the Inter Parish Ministry Choice food pantry, The Queen City Kitchen, and Shelterhouse residents for men and women.

  • Our mission is to support the work of Lydia’s House to provide safe, stable and supportive housing for women and children in need

  • Our mission is to welcome refugees through Catholic Charities Mentoring Program

  • Our mission is to support with our money and our lives the life-changing work of El Hogar (The Home of Love and Hope) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, which transforms the lives of over 200 boys and girls.

  • Our mission is to provide hospitality to the homeless through the Interfaith Hospitality Network.

  • Our mission is to be Christ’s welcoming presence in all we do.

We are a community where people can love and be loved, and in doing so discover what life is all about.